Virtual Assistants and Virtual Employees are the Best Employees

virtual assistant virtual employeeWhen you are starting a new business or trying to grow an existing one, there are many challenges a business owner faces. Earn more, spend less, increase productivity, operate efficiently, stay on top of social media, keep the books straight… the list literally goes on and on. One thing to consider is hiring a Virtual Assistant (or virtual employees).

However, how do you know if your Virtual Assistant is really working when they say they are? It’s a fair question and one that should be asked for every employee, not just virtual ones.

According to a Standford Business Study, virtual employees showed a 16% increase in productivity over their coworkers working at the business’ location. In a similar study, Best Buy’s flexible work program boosted productivity by 35%. They also state that 1 in 5 five Americans now work from home.

There are a ton of different reasons why this could be the case… social interactions throughout the work day, various breaks, unnecessary meetings that drag on (and on), lack of work (but still getting paid) and so on. When I worked a full-time corporate job, I was guilty of all of the above!

Additionally, you are spending less money because you aren’t paying into a 401k, health benefits, sick time and office overhead. IBM saved more than $50 million in real estate costs when investing on virtual employees!

Personally, being a VA has made me more productive. Not that I wasn’t a superstar corporate employee, but when you have your own business, you have more invested. I am a trustworthy, hardworking and dependable Virtual Assistant and I’m ready to help you grow your business.

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Corey Ayon is the owner of Ayon Assistance.
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